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FSc vs A Level

FSc vs A LevelFor every Pakistani student who takes exams of various British examination boards (like O Level/IGCSE through Edexcel/CIE), there comes this crucial stage where decision making for future studies becomes hard due to the mixed opinions that exist  among people concerning the choice between A Level and FSc/Intermediate of Science (Inter). This indeed is a moment when all of your future depends upon the choice you make. There is no room for experimentation, for you risk crushing your dreams to pieces if you take the wrong turn.  On one hand, there is the undeniable quality education of A Level that will hand over to you an international degree, and on the other hand, there is the local education system where it’s easier to score marks, and perhaps even easier to adapt to certain higher studies that you will be pursuing afterwards. In order to assist you in your final decision, there are certain questions and points that we want to highlight for you, based on our personal exp…

Paper 5: Analysis and Evaluation Tips

A2 Practical Skills Paper
In this case, students must concentrate on planning, data analysis and interpretation and evaluation. They must know about descriptive statistics and also when and how to use two statistical tests: the χ2 test and the t-test. To prepare for this paper, students should do practical activities that generate data which they can analyse using statistical methods.


There are many topics in the AS and A2 courses which lend themselves to planning. Past papers are, of course, a good source of these. This is a list of skills that students need in order to make a good experimental plan:

1 Identifying key variables.

2 Describing, including diagrams, a workable practical procedure.

3 Selecting appropriate methods for varying and measuring the dependent variable.

4 Selecting appropriate methods for measuring the independent variable. 5 Selecting appropriate methods for standardising (or controlling) other variables (known as controlled variables or control vari…